Introducing Mutual Insurance

Bitcoin has a reputation for being a volatile asset. When you also factor in the current economic climate and speculation surrounding the recent Bitcoin halving, wild price swings are often the order of the day. This can be a problem for traders. What if the price moves against your position? In a worst-case scenario, that could mean liquidation. That’s where our new Mutual Insurance function can help. We are pleased to announce a new feature — Mutual Insurance, a risk management tool that ena

How to Trade Bitcoin Derivatives

New to the cryptocurrency derivatives game? Not sure about your short from long, your maker from your taker fees, or your Market Orders from your Limit Orders? Don’t fret! It’s all explained here in the guide on how to trade Bitcoin derivatives on Bybit. Firstly, let’s cover the basics and explain what we mean by Bitcoin and derivatives. Bitcoin (BTC) is one of four cryptocurrencies that you can trade on Bybit, with the others being ETH, EOS and XRP. Although we’ll focus on Bitcoin and how to t

Every Day Heroes: How Everyday Insoles Work

Heel pain can come from many sources, whether from an accident, bump, or just from day-to-day issues like poor posture, uncomfortable gait, or poor foot support. In many cases, support can help correct many of these problems, but in more everyday situations it’s helpful to give tired and aching feet a chance to rest and heal after a long day spent on your toes. We might think aching feet are a normal thing, but Scholl Everyday Insoles can help provide your feet with a support, and a cushion betw

Learning about the Causes and How to Prevent Hard Skin

Our feet are exposed to countless burdens throughout the day as we walk, sit and stand for long periods of time. It’s easy to neglect your feet during the winter months once they’re hidden away in warm boots, and hard skin is more likely to develop during the cold weather when feet receive even less attention. Your feet deserve as much care as you give to the rest of your body, so it’s vital to have a skincare routine for your feet – no matter the season. And you’ll be ready for the summer season..

Create The Perfect Kids Sports Day | Vanish UK

When summer comes, the opportunity to go outside and play in the garden isn’t one to be passed up. With a summer of major sporting events, a mini Sports Day for your children and their friends is a great way to encourage them to be a team player and get active. Children easily get messy and there is no doubt that during all the sporting activities your kids are going to end up with stains on their clothes. But don’t worry about those because while everyone’s enjoying themselves, Vanish will be

Optrex - Experts in eye care

During sleep, your eyes are replenished and refreshed with essential nutrients, and tired and dry eyes can be associated with lack of sleep. You can still wake up with eyes feeling strained or dry even after you’ve had a good night’s sleep. This article will explain why this occurs and what you can do to help prevent and treat it. What happens to your eyes while you sleep? You might assume that, along with the rest of the body, the eyes are relaxed during sleep. For a portion of your sleep, you..

Optrex - Experts in eye care

Of all the organs in the body, the eyes might be one of the most complex; especially considering their incredible importance despite their size. Eyes are particularly vulnerable to a number of agents. Occasionally, light is one of them. In this article, we’re going to examine how the eye functions and how it reacts to different levels of light, as well as the dangers of over-exposure to light and potential treatments. When you look at an object, the first part of the eye to be called into action..
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